Geotechnical Studies (inshore and offshore) and Quality Control of Civil Works for the Project of the Urea and Ammonia Plant in Morón, Carabobo State

Geotechnical, Geological, Geophysical and Hydrogeological Studies Inshore and Offshore, for the Astialba Shipyard Project in the Araya Peninsula, Sucre State

Topographic, Hydraulic, Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Studies; Quality Control of Civil Works, for the project of the Electricity Generation Plant El Sitio in Santa Lucía, Miranda State

Soil Studies; Topographic Surveys; Hydraulic, Hydrogeological and Geophysical Studies for Drilling Macollas and Installations in the Orinoco Oil Belt, Anzoátegui, Guárico and Monagas States

Topographic Surveys and Geotechnical Studies for Expansion Project of the El Palito Refinery, Carabobo State.

Geotechnical Studies inshore and offshore for the Deep Conversion Project of the Puerto La Cruz Refinery and the Guanta dock, Anzoátegui State

Geotechnical studies inshore, Bathymetric and Geophysical Marine Studies, and Quality Control of Civil Works for the CIGMA Project in Güiria, Sucre State.

Hydraulic and Geotechnical studies onshore and offshore for Agricultural Facilities in Caños Mánamo and Manamito, Delta Amacuro

Quality control of hydraulic landfill by using the CPTU equipment for the Expansion Project of the Port of La Guaira, Vargas State.

Geotechnical study for the expansion of the Simón Bolívar Airport facilities in Maiquetía, Vargas State.

Geotechnical, Hydrological and Topographic Study for the Extended Basic Engineering of the Petrobicentenario Refinery, in the Jose Complex, Anzoátegui State

Soil Testing Laboratory For Integration Road Axle Valles Del Tuy – Santa Lucia Kempis, Miranda State




We are committed to:

  • Lead by example
  • Promote the development of our human resources
  • Achieve the project objectives of our clients
  • Execute projects leaving a green footprint
  • Showing solidarity with the communities, contributing to their well-being


We appreciate and value the relationship with our customers, partners and the environment, as well as the effort and loyalty of our people in the accomplishment of the objectives set, generating trust and credibility.



We are driven by an inner force generated by the positive attitude of our people, in an environment of harmony, dedication and commitment to excellence, because we do what we like and we do it well.



Our philosophy is continuous improvement, ensuring customer satisfaction in each of the stages of the work we perform. We develop our services with technical rigor, working in a safe andtimely manner and in accordance with the project objectives.



We work with dedication, effort and care to do things well. We focus on achieving a high level of quality, the satisfaction of our customers and the professional development of our staff.



Our approach is focused on the prevention and control of potential risks, applying timely actions and complying with current regulations, to ensure safe working conditions for our staff, equipment and installations, in harmony with the environment and communities.

“More than an outcome, we are added value”

We are a Venezuelan consultancy firm specializing in the area of Geotechnical Investigations and Projects, Soil Studies Onshore and Offshore, Special Studies, Forensic Engineering, Quality Control and Assurance of Civil Works, which includes the execution of soil laboratory tests , concrete and asphalt field tests and civil inspections.

As part of our special services that complement our main line of business, we carry out surveys for the detection of buried structures , as well as geophysical tests, hydraulic, hydrogeological, and geophysical studies and projects, and topographic and bathymetric surveys.

Our studies are focused on providing integral geotechnical solutions that translate into an ADDED VALUE in order to achieve the objectives of our clients and meet the needs of their projects. The processes are controlled by ISO-9001 certified procedures,

which allows us to ensure the quality of the final results, and are based on generally accepted methodologies, criteria and software. In the engineering phase, emphasis is placed on the selection of optimal solutions from a technical and constructability point of view, , that at the same are economically attractive compared to other possible options.

We have extensive experience with oil industry, telecommunications and Infrastructure projects, both for public and private clients.

Apart from being familiar with internationally accepted quality and safety procedures and standards, as well as current local regulations, our traits are very valuable for the execution of engineering projects, both nationally and internationally, with demanding technical requirements.


To ADD VALUE to Civil Engineering projects by applying innovative, comprehensive and economically feasible solutions.


To be the leading Venezuelan company for providing integral geotechnical consultancy services that is recognized for its quality, technical strength and excellence, and staffed with people that are committed to providing value to the organization, the client and the environment.

“We keep our staff technologically up-to-date in order to generate sophisticated solutions”




We have state-of-the-art equipment to perform both in situ tests and laboratory tests. We also use the latest versions of specialized commercial software to add value to our services by increasing the efficiency in obtaining results and performing calculations in each project.



We have a versatile team of professionals that are highly specialized in consultations, analysis, calculation and design associated with Geotechnical Studies and Projects, as well as the execution of Quality control testing for Civil Works.

We have a development plan for our staff that guarantees the continuous improvement of their knowledge so they can better adapt to the project needs.



We are certified by the Atomic Energy Directorate within the Ministry of Power (MPPEE), which enables us to perform filed measurements of humidity and density using a nuclear densimeter in a safe manner and in accordance with current regulations.

Years of Experience

Completed Projects

Meters Drilled

different civil engineering disciplines



Through Fondonorma our Quality Management System has been certified to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 for the performance of geotechnical studies both onshore and offshore. 

The implementation of the Quality System allows us to control our processes, which allows us to provide our services more efficiently and guarantees the satisfaction of our customers.



When a geotechnical study is required, the client can count on us to perform the drilling inshore and offshore, perform laboratory tests and generate a report that includes field and laboratory data, the analysis of the information and the recommendations for the design of the foundations and the earthworks, all within a reasonable time schedule and budget.

AIG has done this for more than 10 years, efficiently and professionally. Graphically we do:

value chain

Review of existing information

First of all, we do a desk study of the site, collecting all the available information and our previous experience with the area, which allows us to develop an idea of the subsurface conditions that we can expect.

Design of the site exploration plan

Subsequently, based on this preliminary information and taking into account the project needs, we design a site exploration plan.

Field exploration

During the exploration stage, we perform borings and carry out conventional sampling, perform in-situ tests and take intact samples for special laboratory tests; all based on the technical expertise of our outstanding professionals.

To complement the geotechnical exploration, we also carried out geophysical tests to study the dynamic characteristics and the resistivity of the area under study. Moreover we offer topography and bathymetry services, using state-of-the-art tools. And if warranted by the project, we also carry out geological, hydrological, hydraulic and hydrogeological studies.

Lab Tests

After the field stage, we move the soil samples to our laboratory, which has modern equipment for the execution of classification tests and to study the stress-deformation characteristics of the soil.

Analysis, Calculations and Report

Our technical team analyzes the information and develops a report that contains all field and laboratory test results, the seismicity of the site, the treatment of special problems related to problematic soils, the geotechnical design of foundations, the recommendations for earthworks and pavement design; as well as the recommendations derived from the geological, hydrological, hydraulic and hydrogeological studies and the plans generated as part of the topographic and/or bathymetric surveys. And all this within the framework of a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001: 15 by Bureau Veritas, an international certifying organization.

Added Value

We strive to identify and meet the needs of the project by adding value from the first stages of the project until the final report. Our activities are carried out by forming a work team with our clients, since our philosophy is to generate added value for the project, optimizing schedule and resources, and providing viable technically solutions for the problems that may arise during project execution.

Soil Studies


Starting with an exploration program based on schedule, quality and safety, and then adapted to the project needs, we execute the site exploration using high technology equipment and tools.
We carry out in situ tests to adequately characterize the explored terrain: penetration tests (SPT, CPT, CPTu) and soil resistance tests on undrained samples (field shear vane, pocket shear vane (torvane), and pocket penetrometer).


We analyze the available geological and geotechnical information, and after the field and laboratory testing we integrate the obtained data to generate a soil profile, which includes information on the composition and classification of each stratum as well as the geomechanical properties, so we have a complete understanding of the conditions of the subsoil under study. In general, we present the characterization through drawings, profiles of geomechanical properties of the terrain, seismic profiles and lithostratigraphic profiles.


Once the geotechnical characterization is done and the soil profile generated, we carry out the geotechnical foundation design, selecting the ideal foundation option for the structures and equipment to be installed, based on bearing capacity considerations as well as the maximum allowable deformations. We have specialized software for the analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations, which eases our task and guarantees the derived results.

  • Classification
  • Unconfined compression test
  • Direct shear test
  • Triaxial test
  • Consolidation test
  • Expansion index test
  • Collapse test
  • Permeability test
  • Proctor test
  • California Bearing Ratio test.
  • Standard penetration test (SPT)
  • Cone penetration test with piezocone(CPTu)
  • Load plate test
  • Load tests on piles (static and high strain dynamic)
  • Field  vane test
  • Thermal conductivity test
  • Electrical resistivity test
  • Downhole and crosshole seismic tests

Geotechnical Projects


Slope stability analyszes are part of transport projects (, such as highways, railways, airports and canals),; natural resource development projects (, such as open pit mines, waste disposal, and land dams); as well as many other human activities that include the construction of buildings and excavations. To performcarry out these analyszes, we rely on a suitablen adequate geotechnical site characterization and we use recognized software programss, such as GSLOPE and STABLEPRO 3.0.


Some projects require the construction of earth retaining structures, such as concrete walls, soil nail slopes and reinforced earth walls. When designing such works our in-depth knowledge of the project and an effective communication with our client ensures that all project requirements are met.


For projects where rotating/vibrating equipment will be installed, we carry out an analysis of the interaction between the soil and the foundation to model the effect the vibrations emitted by the equipment will have on the ground as well as to estimate the resulting deformations , to compare them with allowable values for the particular equipment and, if necessary, recommend corrective measures to reduce such deformations.


At AIG we know that an efficient design of a road structure is fundamental for any project. That is why, for reasons of safety, comfort, efficiency and economic feasibility of the road structure, we design the pavements in accordance with the AASHTO method for rigid and flexible pavements.

quality control of civil works

The quality control of civil works is fundamental to ensure the appropriate construction and functionality of any project. At AIG we carry out the quality control of soil, concrete and asphalt works by installing mobile laboratories, fully equipped with advanced technology, at the construction site,. Additionally, we perform non-destructive tests to study the quality of the concrete and asphalt.



We install laboratories at those job sites that require it due to the project size or the client requirements, to be able to take samples and perform tests on concrete, soil and asphalt, in order to respond to project requests in an accurate and timely manner, thus providing the client on site with the results and recommendations necessary to make decisions.


For material testing and verification of compliance with project specifications , we sample fresh concrete for test cylinders to determine the compressive strength, we analyze all aggregates, we evaluate the materials of bases and sub-bases, and using a nuclear densimeter we determine the percentage of compaction and the density of soil fills.

We determine the asphalt content in the asphalt paving mixtures and supervise the placing of the asphalt layers, checking the temperature and the thickness. We perform core extractions on cured concrete and asphalt to evaluate the compressive strength.


All the quality control tests are carried out in accordance with Covenin and ASTM standards and following procedures and work instructions that are part of our quality management system certified to the ISO 9001 Standard. Likewise, the test results are carefully saved to ensure traceability and to produce the quality dossier of the work.


As soon as we receive the test results we perform statistical analysis on them to detect any anomalies and to instigate corrective action in a timely manner.


To avoid damage to the materials and structures that are being inspected and obtain fast and reliable results to take preventive or corrective measures, we perform non-destructive tests on soils, concrete and asphalt, incl. assessing soil and asphalt densities with the nuclear densimeter and performing sclerometer tests on concrete.


We perform monitoring and quality control activities of the key processes in the development of civil projects, thereby increasing the efficiency of the project execution and minimizing rework.

    • Process Control
    • Control of Non-Conforming Products
    • Corrective and preventive actions


As part of effective quality assurance, we perform direct inspections of the primary sources for the construction materials to be used in the work.

    • Concrete and Asphalt Plants
    • Quarries and Mines
    • Aggregate 



We verify that the execution of civil works strictly complies with what is specified in the project specifications and the applicable construction regulations.

    • Inspection, Measurement and Testing Plans
    • Inspection, Measurement and Testing Plans
    • Acceptance or Rejection of Finished Products
    • Document Control
    • Topographic Inspection

special services

Our specialized consultancy combines geotechnical engineering, geophysics and geology on an integrated basis, incorporating other civil disciplines as required for the development of our clients’ projects.


In many projects, the availability of water for domestic and/or industrial use is essential for their success. The hydrogeological studies we perform allow us to detect the presence of groundwater and then model its flow regime, estimate the available flow and present recommendations for the water production.


For the benefit of the projects, flood studies must be carried out to solve problems associated with water flow. For this we carry out hydraulic and hydrological studies by defining flood spots, bridge design, scour analysis in river works, drainage of roads, passage of pipelines through the environment of rivers and streams, routes of gas pipelines and pipelines, and drainage of oil and industrial yards.


For planning of both onshore and offshore infrastructure, as well as the exploration and development of natural resources, we offer the accurate surveying and mapping of natural and reclaimed land through topographic and bathymetric surveys with high precision equipment in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Our services include topographic and geodetic surveys, laser scanning, LIDAR, aerial photogrammetry, digital terrain modeling and bathymetry for the digital representation of seabed topography.


During the design phase the dynamic parameters of the soil are indispensable to make correct geotechnical decisions regarding foundations depths, seismic parameters, aquifer locations as well as the delimitation of the first sub-soil layers; for this purpose we offer the geophysical Standard Refraction and ReMi methods, which, given their easy methodology, allow us to obtain seismic properties in any environment in a cost effective and timely manner.


As part of offshore engineering activities we offer high resolution products for then the characterization of seabed strata, which are ideal to reduce risks, identify routes and implement foundation designs.

Through marine geophysics stratigraphic information on the subsoil is obtained as well as the structural geology. With marine seismic we identify metallic structures such as pipes and vessels buried or on the sea surface, as well as obtain real images of the seabed.

DETECTION OF BURIED structures and objects USING Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Locating buried services is a necessity in civil works, because many of the drawings for the services, if they do exist, do not provide information on the location and the depth of the services. Detecting these services is essential information before any drilling is begun.
Our equipment allows us to locate in a non-invasive mannerstructures and objects in the subsoil, regardless of the nature of the material, and assess their approximate depth and diameter. This reduces uncertainty, delays and project risks.


For the installation of pipes, power plants, sub-stations and buildings it is necessary to know the electrical parameters of the soil, and for this we offer electrical resistivity soil testing of the soil by either the Wenner or the Schlumberger method. With this testthe corrosivity levels of the strata can be determined, resulting in cost savings when installing cathodic protection systems and grounding mesh. This type of study is also used to determine the existence of the water table, ideal for the installation of water extraction wells.


Through seismic methods such as downhole seismic testing and crosshole seismic testing, we perform the acoustic characterization of the subsoil and in doing so obtain the compression and shear wave velocities in the soil, which is of great interest for soil mechanics studies, studies of foundations and design of seismic-resistant structures

PILOT LENGTH VERIFICATION (using Parallel Seismic)

We carry out the verification of pile length to ensure that there no restraints to generate shaft resistance. At AIG we perform this task by conducting parallel seismic testing.


We provide realistic information on the pile integrity through 2D models generated through ultrasonic testing. . This test is one of the most versatile test method in the market to assess the integrity of cast-in-situ piles.

We can also determine the integrity of a group of piles with the sonic echo method (also known as low strain integrity testing). This method has the ability to determine the existence of anomalies such as bulging, inclusions, segregation at the top of the pile as well as the homogeneity of the concrete along the length of the pile.

“We generate added value to the project, through optimal solutions that offer greater security and economy” 


Check our vacancies and send us your curriculum summary, if you adapt to the profile of the positions offered.

Effort and good performance are rewarded



We have strategic alliances with companies and professionals of recognized trajectory for the execution of complementary civil studies, such as topographic and bathymetric surveys, hydraulic and hydrogeological studies, and civil studies and projects in general.


Contact Us

If you have any questions related to our services or if you are a supplier interested in doing business with us, write to us at: or leave a message in this box and a member of our team will contact you You, to present the necessary requirements to access the benefits of being one of our partners.

Contact Information


8th Street La Urbina, LION Building, 2nd Floor, Office 209. Caracas 1070. Venezuela





AIG now offers the water well drilling throughout the national territory.

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