A civil works inspection checklist is one of the most essential elements when carrying out a civil works inspection. We know that construction or civil intervention is not a simple task. It involves all kinds of processes as well as the creation of a list of all the things that need to be done. Let’s remember that organization is the key to ensure the safety of a project.

Civil engineering is an extremely important science in building the world as we know it today. Every street, bridge, highway, the growth of big cities and small cities as well. Everything is governed by a science that must evaluate the different spaces in order to find solutions to direct such growth. That is why it is currently one of the most sought-after forms of engineering.

But of course, a process like building a new street or a bridge is not as easy as just putting it in place. It must take into account the different hazards, problems, terrain characteristics and materials to be used. Each of these branches is divided into several others that allow defining the strategy that will lead to the construction.

Do you know what details should be included in the checklist for civil works? Today you will learn all the details that allow to ensure the future of a construction. Of course, for this, we must establish different categories of interest that allow us to reduce the leakage of important details.

Creating a checklist for civil works

There are many items on a civil works checklist

Civil works require an inspection checklist to be managed by a professional. What is the reason for this? There are several reasons why a monitoring method such as a professionally designed checklist should be valued:

  • It allows us to understand even the smallest detail that can influence the future of the construction to be performed. We must remember that construction involves a series of risks that can affect it and that many times cannot be controlled.
  • It is also important to keep order in the construction process. At the end of the day, we must verify daily that everything is in its place, in order to continue with the process. Otherwise, problems can arise that in the worst case will prevent the work from being completed.
  • Having a list allows the information regarding the care to be taken to be shared in a more effective way. We must remember that many times carrying information from one place to another can cause important data to be lost. However, an organized list helps to reduce this problem.

What should you keep a list for civil works?

Of course, it is difficult to talk about civil works lists without knowing exactly what should be included in them. In fact, we cannot generalize these instruments since each construction is different from the previous one. Building a highway in the middle of the city is not the same as building a bridge over a lake. However, it is possible to summarize in a few points the information handled:

  • Materials to be used, which allow to reach the construction or civil project in the safest possible way. It is necessary to establish not only the materials that are available, but also those that are required.
  • Permits and legal documentation to ensure that the civil work is being carried out in accordance with the law. An intervention on a highway or any public site requires a series of permits granted by local authorities.
  • Characteristics of the work to be built. The project must be defined long before it starts, as this allows one to have a solid idea of what is to be done.
  • Characteristics of the terrain, which have a significant influence on the final result. You should always think about the risks involved in carrying out a civil construction in certain sites. Sometimes it will be better to look for a different site if the one planned does not offer guarantees for the future.

Checklists are a very important tool

There is no doubt that creating a checklist for inspecting civil works requires a lot of work. It involves many areas such as law and geotechnical engineering. The latter being fundamental to ensure the future of the property. Remember that land and nature are two factors that are difficult to control. That is why you should always think about the effects they can have on your plans,

Now, geomechanics is an area that also requires experts. It is not only a matter of assessing ground conditions, but also of incorporating them into the other risks that may arise. That is why you should rely on the experience of professionals who have had more contact with this area of engineering.

You don’t know the geotechnical experts yet? Today you will meet the best company in this area to make a checklist that contemplates all the possibilities within the civil engineering construction.

Amundaray, a guarantee for your civil engineering checklist

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Civil works are not easy and are perhaps the ones that require the greatest perfection. That is why it is so important to have workers who are knowledgeable in all the areas involved in such works. Given this reality, counting on Amundaray Ingeniería Geotécnica will be fundamental to guarantee the success of the construction. Especially because we focus on each of the characteristics of the land you have chosen.

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